Tax Not Incuded in Selling Price Dislay Problem
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Please see the issue below.

 1.       I have a sample product which is already having purchase price 456 and selling price 607.

1.     2.  Now I am entering a new purchase invoice in which I have the above item to be added. But the price field and tax field turns to zero and I can only edit the quantity button.

Why is this?

 1.       3. The same product when I try to bring up on the Sales screen it is showing as tax 0.00. The product is maintained as “tax included in std selling price”.  But it shouldn’t show tax as 0.00 or it should show the current amt of tax.

I llook forward to your reply.


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Posted on: 04/12/2013
There are two tax possibilities when you add an item.

1. Taxes are included in selling price
2. Taxes are not included in selling price.

Obviously if the taxes are not included in selling price , then you should not be allowed to edit the tax and the tax filed will be shown 0 amount.

We need to show the tax amount in receipts for items that have included tax as well as not included tax option. If the tax shows 0 than that means the taxes are included in selling price and the user will not be charged extra.
Now if you do not want to display the tax items in the bill you can customize the bill ..

Follow the instructions below..

On SalesMate + Application

1. Click Setup ==>Default Settings Menu
2.  Click on the POS Print settings Tab.
3.   A Dialog will be displayed as given below..

Click on Custom Bill radio button and click settings. You can customize the bill to suit your needed..

KTS Team

Posted on: 05/12/2013

Thanks for your response. 

I have raised two queries with you. One is purchase screen and the other in sales screen. I am awaiting response for the purchase screen issue.


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Posted on: 05/12/2013

Please see my answer below..

 From stock entry screen I don't see any way to link a product to a supplier as it only have the manufacture field.

Ans: No we didn’t link directly from stock to supplier other than through Purchase menu..

 Also how about adding a stock item from an new invoice with a diff price and having same barcode from manufacture ( like normal price increase in market).

Ans: You need to update the stock with the price. This situation will not come normally as the product will be bar coded with a new number..

 Is there any way I can import product data in bulk?

Ans: If you have the data in excel sheet , the we will be able to help you with importing the data to SalesMate + (Additional Charges apply)

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