Starter Edition Vs Enterprise Edition and Data Import
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On 7/29/14, KTS InfoTech <> wrote:

> Hello,

> Starter Edition is Trial Expired version of Enterprise edition..

> See the Link below for more details..


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> KTS Team

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Posted on: 29/07/2014
To: KTS InfoTech

Subject: Re: Service Request/Enquiry Form - User Feedback


Thank you for the prompt reply, How much is the enterprise edition?

does starter edition support the installation of a barcode reader/scanner? If I purchase the enterprise edition and my computer will be damaged, will I buy a new enterprise edition again?


Posted on: 29/07/2014


Enterprise Edition of SalesMate + software cost is 200 USD. Both edition supports common Bar code scanners. Regarding Computer Damage, The registration key will be generated for your Shop Name. So even if your computer is damages the Registration Name and key is still valid.. Of course please don’t forget to take the Backup of your data regularly using the Options Provided in the Default settings. You can even point it to the Google Drive so that your backup will be secure in the Google drive..




Can I import a list of stocks item in a microsoft excel sheet to the enterprise edition of seals mate+? thank you


I think we need to develop a small utility plugin program to import it to SalesMate + ... But can be done. Or You can use AutoIT automation program ( )to import it ..



KTS Team
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