How Can I Create a Master TimeTable
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Dear Sir ,

I wish to inquire how to generate a master time table from your product . In our situation before we bought your product a master time table can show in a glance who is teaching what in which class.. Can you explain How to generate Master Time Table/ Deparment Time Table..

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Posted on: 24/07/2014



Thank you for contacting us. You Can Create Department Time Table if you are using the Same Timing For all Time Tables Be it Tutor, Class, or Room. See the Picture Below..



For all Time Table This should be the Same to generate Department Time Table..



Same is the Case for This One Too is the same for all Time Tables..


Please see the NB: section for more details..


If you have done correctly, then you can generate department Time Table Like the One Below..

Hope This Helps..


Posted on: 31/07/2014

I am about to try this but the timetable i am asking for is for all Departments not just one

thank you

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Posted on: 31/07/2014


 There are two option to generate the Time Table for each Department..


 1.       =>Create Time Table for All Tutors ,class and Rooms..

2.       =>Select a set of Tutors ...

3.       =>Create each department time table based on the selected tutors By setting Appropriate Department Name..

 Option 2

 Another Option is to install the Time Table Software in each Department and generate Department Time Table..

 Hope this Helps..


KTS Team
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